Purple Velvet Durag Mens And Women's  velvet silk lined bonnet

Velvet Collection

Purple velvet bonnet with silk lined inside sleeping cap for black and mixed race women

Ethically Sourced

All our satin lined bonnets are made in Ghana. We choose to work with manufacturers from these communities so that we can keep feeding money back into the African economy. Here at Cecenaturalco, we are helping pay salaries and creating jobs in our home continent. It is the perfect opportunity for you, our customer, to help the cause of growing Africa's economy. 

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Let our customers speak for us

Cynthia - This is most beautiful satin bonnet I’ve ever owned. I get to look cute whilst sleeping or chilling around the house. It’s great quality and I know I’ll be wearing it for many years. It’s definitely worth the investment.

19:24pm - Manchester, United Kingdom - 16.11.2020

Tinaye M - Bought 2 bonnets (Maputo and Accra) as a gift and the recipient really loved them. The fabric, quality and aesthetic of the bonnets are top notch. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a stylish bonnet for themselves or a loved one!

19:24pm - Manchester, United Kingdom - 16.11.2020

Dzi Muruu - Love the silk scrunchies! Such gorgeous colours and came in the cutest packaging and delivery was super quick.

14:10pm - Manchester, United Kingdom - 17.11.2020

Carefully crafted for the unique needs of your hair

All our bonnets have been crafted with love and understanding of the unique needs of our hair. The satin lining will ensure that your hair stays moisturized throughout the night/day. Our wooden combs tend to glide through hair smoothly and the feel of wood on your scalp is amazing. It sort of gives you a mini scalp massage when you use it.

Purple velvet bonnet with silk lined inside sleeping cap for curly hair


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