Our Story

Cecenatural co is founded by natural hair enthusiast Cece Ndungu and was created with a simple aim to encourage women to embrace their natural-born afro or curly hair.

Cecilia Ndungu

About The Founder

Cece is Kenyan born and now resides in Manchester, UK. As far back as she could remember, she'd learned that her hair should be straight so it can be neat and desirable. This was followed by years of diligent straightening which, of course, led to extensive heat damage.

She says "As I grew older, I wondered where the myth of straight hair being more desirable came from. I saw that almost all black women around me had internalized the idea that their natural afro hair was imperfect and needed to be tamed. For the last 4 years, I have committed to loving and embracing my kinks and coils - I trimmed my ends consistently and nourished my beautiful afro until I fully transitioned back into natural hair."

It was in the process of learning about her own hair that Cece developed expert knowledge about afro hair, Cecenaturalco was therefore born out of a need to show black women that their hair is perfect as it is, and with the right care, it can be the crown you're truly proud of.

Our Aim.

Everything you find on our website is something that Cece personally uses on her own hair. The accessories and tools have helped not only her, but her family, friends, and colleagues manage their afros over the years. 

We want to encourage all black women to love their tresses with the right tools and treatments, just as we've seen so many doing already